Technical Roadmap #2 update blog

Roadmap #2 released, including progress against :

  • key Libra protocol priorities like addressing/interoperability
  • full nodes
  • reliability and testing
  • synchronization
  • security

Read full details here:


Hi, you mentioned about full nodes. What is the defination of a full node?

According to the docs (, there are clients and validator nodes. What’s the difference between a full node and a validator node?

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Hi, @729. That is a very good question, and I’m glad you asked. There will be a full blog on this out soon.

In the meantime, a validator node is a node run by a member of the Libra Association, and it validates transactions as part of the consensus process. It accepts transactions from clients and inserts them into the Libra Blockchain. It’s focused primarily on writes.

A full node can be run by anybody. It validates transactions as a part of synchronizing the Libra Blockchain from validators. And it’s focused primarily on reads.

Look for the detailed blog soon!


What is “Libra Wallet Ecosystem” in Exit Criteria specifically mapped for technical association members?

btw, I checked the blog of Bison Trails which helped me figure out blind spots i did not even notice.

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@tommyyama2020 Thanks for the feedback on the Bison Trails blog! And, we’re tracking down an answer to your question (with the holidays, we might be few days behind).


There are many variations on Nodes, and many factors to how theyre implemented, but personally all i wanna know is WHEN? lol

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This is just a category for the items that need to be implemented in code in support of products built on top of Libra like wallets.

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I’d appreciate your kindness answering. :smile:
As speculated in the news, can we expect the launch in the second half of the year?

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I am willing to bet you won’t get an answer. Libra Association members probably don’t talk about features and release dates.

Thanks greg for answering my question. LOL
Hope you had a great holiday and we catch up at the end of Jan! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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