Tc_account in Coin1.move

Hi Folks,

I was wondering why the tc_account(assuming it is called Treasury compliance account) is used for “publish_account” value here?

Is it a bug, if yes, should I file a bug report?



This code has had some changes recently but I don’t see any references to a “publish_account” value there. The treasury compliance account is the only account that is able to mint and burn “Coin1” coins, so when the currency is registered, we need to specify which account will be used for that purpose.

Maybe I’m missing the point of your question, though? If so, can you explain a bit more why you think this might be a bug?

Hi Bob,

My question was related to the two lines below which have now moved to Libra.move:

Libra::publish_mint_capability<Coin1>(tc_account, coin1_mint_cap, tc_account);
Libra::publish_burn_capability<Coin1>(tc_account, coin1_burn_cap, tc_account);

I was under the assumption that “lr_account” can also mint and burn the "Coin1’ coins which obviously was a wrong assumption. Thanks a lot for clearing it up!