Retail On-boarding

While our focus here is on the developer experience, I want to get some clarity on how Calibra envisions retail on-boarding. For instance how is a person able to initially fund her wallet without knowing someone to send her some libra?

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The team just three days ago released the official release of the test network and much needs to be done. The question of how some kind of action will be closely related to the further development of the project and I think it is too early to ask questions without entering a certain stage of readiness. How the developers themselves will not know, but how they plan to do it and what they plan can be tracked here:

Your question is similar to the development of space flight between the galaxies of the solar system, discussing how they will do and you are already specifying how they will fasten seat belts in a spacecraft. :smile::smile:

While not sure if the analogy is apt :space_invader: :slight_smile:, Its a burning question in the back of my mind I wanted to throw out there. Sure things will get clearer as we approach mainnet.

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Iā€™m in the same boat. I represent a marketplace and am very interested to know how we can integrate libra to enable our vendors to collect / transmit funds