Looking for developers in Geneva

Hi everyone,
We (PersonalData . IO) are a non-profit based in Geneva (not part of the Libra Association). We would like to discuss the possibility of implementing in the MOVE language some protocols for doing personal data transfers, and particularly enforcing personal data rights. We think MOVE could be perfect in enabling trusted exchange around complex assets of yet-unknown type (beyond purely financial assets). Normally, a project like Google’s Data Transfer Project should cover this gap (see https://datatransferproject.dev/ for intent), but practical implementation has chosen to couple the semantics with the rest of the problem (authentication, security, etc).
MOVE could be a way to decouple these problems, and get quicker to a world where each of us is in control over their personal data.
Happy to talk more about the idea for those interested.
vacancies @ personaldata.io


Unfortunately, I can not participate in foreign country. But I am interested in libra project. If the developer do not know Move, what kind of language developers do you want to have some experience with javascript, go, c, php, go or etc.?