- a huge update of the explorer

@Rio900 thanks for your share. I did not even notice that.

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If somebody has ideas how to improve libraview please let me know, i’d be glad to discuss :seedling:

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Usually, the schedule of the updates would not be informed by somebody in advance?

I am a noob in blockchain at all and a bit confused.

Sometimes, libra team writes about updates here:
I try to publish the information about new updates in this topic as soon as possible after testnet reload. What about serious updates, Libra team usually creates separate topics about them.

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Thanks a lot for your help.
If the mainnet is rolled out, you think they will announce like other crypto coins?

Thats a good question, but I don’t know…
I think it will not be similar to other crypto coins

Libra testnet was reloaded.

Libraview is updated for new testnet.

Testnet was updated.
Be carryful with transactions, because they have unnamed uint, so you need to update LCS. If somebody finds out its name, please let me know.

0000 + RawTransaction


Thank you for update.

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It’s the enum type of transaction.

class Transaction(RustEnum):
    _enums = [
        ('UserTransaction', SignedTransaction),
        ('WriteSet', WriteSet),
        ('BlockMetadata', BlockMetadata)

Thanks a lot :+1:
@yuan-xy, Do you know where is this code in Libra git ?



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Testnet was updated.
Address LCS Changed,
In LCS Address without length
Old: 32 + Address
New: Address

Be careful :dash:


I have fixed my code and it works again except query events by access path. Is there any change in the path?

Thank you very much.

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I haven’t checked events yet, but I’ll check and answer

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Thank you. I found it on Blockcoli Libra .NET SDK Update v0.6.0
Thank you @blockcoli

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Libraview is updated for new testnet. :seedling:

Hello add link libra coin?