Libra rocksdb sample

Hi there, is there anywhere a rocksdb sample d b for transactions, events, etc. with enough data to start exploring it?

I have run my first transactions according to intro file but I don’t find any corresponding .sst file on my machine.

Thanks. Didier

Hi @didier.durand! If you ran first transactions like what is described in, the RocksDB files are on the server we set up for testnet and you don’t have access to these servers.

To explore the DBs, you can run some validator nodes locally. You can find some instructions at Once you start some nodes on your machine you can find in the logs. Then you should be able to find the RocksDB files. You can then submit transactions to your local node. Feel free to let us know if you have questions regarding running nodes locally.

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Thanks, I’ll do that and come back if I have issues when running validator. Didier