Libra price in 2020

Is Libra start from $0.05 ? what you peoples guessing about it ? and also what your idea about selling other currency and buy Libra ? i feel Libra will going to $100 in 12/30/2020 or maybe its take just 2 year to turned to a expensive coin in the world. as i know more traders and investors are waiting for Libra.


I read about 1$ per 1 Libra.


As far as I know, the values depends on the reserves, USD-GBP-EUR-CHF. I don’t know if they’ll “peg” 1 on each.

Libra is stable coin. It will always be 1usd.
When moon? Don’t apply here.

That is right, you need to read they white paper.


BTC is moon-ing now… breaking 10k…

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but i hope its will be same as bitcoin

There is no mention of 1 libra = 1 u$.
It’s not a stable coin pegged to the dollar.
It’s stable so it will try not move too much.
They may start with 1 or 0,10 or anything else.
I think 1$ makes the most sense.
If it goes to 100 $ it fails as a medium if exchange. This is not their goal.

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The price of Libra should ideally depend on the reserve. The reserve is a group of fiat currencies and secure government bonds. They intend on backing every libra with actual monetary asset, which translates to a value highly dependent on the overall reserve. The fluctuations faced by traditional cryptocurrencies are omitted in Libra by this approach to pricing.

So whats their goal ?

the goals are stated in the White Paper.
It’s not about “moon”.
Probably they want to monetize a couple of billions users who don’t have access to credit card now.

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its good but i don’t think billion user has no access to Credit Card / Master Card … maybe less than 2 million or 3 million users

to me it s impossible to forecast what will be the price of Libra as long as we can’t have an idea on the Reserve structure. The reserve document does not provide enough information, we need to have access to the “Reserve Management Policy”. With this document we should be able to forecast a price AND potential volatility.

Well, that’s why I think, the boss still busy make it happen by lobbying the gov’t

billions (with a B) do not have access to ANY form of banking.
Look it up.

Try more like 2.5 Billion have no access to formal banking

If it did go to $100 it would be failing in it’s goals and intent.
Although it will be a floating currency and not “pegged” to the USD the goal is for the value to not fluctuate very much compared to any particular currency. They don’t want people to buy in at their local currency and then see it devalued. The idea is for the value to remain relatively stable although since it is floating there will be some fluctuation, if the fund managers do their job well this will ideally will be very minimal so it likely is not a good candidate for speculation. No matter what it will never be as volatile as BTC. They are different animals for different purposes.

If you want $100 of Libra, you should bet on global recession and hyper-inflation.

i dont think it even would equalled to US dollar, i think it would be calculated against gr of gold, or any other financial security or IMF’s SDR sort of thing

I saw somebody mentioning Libra is flat money in the forum,
Does it mean the government-issued money like US dollar? :upside_down_face: