Libra for Financial Services in Africa

I’m going to be attending a UN conference about mobile financial services in Africa in a few weeks. I’m about 100% certain that the topic of blockchain will come up, and as Libra is a major new entrant in that space, I’d like to be informed about it.

  • This article seems to imply that Naspers, based out of the country next door to the one where this conference is being held, is going to be in the Libra Association. But I don’t see any mention of it on the Libra site. Is it?
  • Facebook is facing considerable pushback from the US government on its plans for Libra, and some other large potential markets like India are hostile to cryptocurrencies in general. How likely is it that this kills Libra globally, even in friendly jurisdictions?
  • Will Facebook be themselves making applications for using Libra for exchanges? If so, have they announced any plans to make one particularly for developing markets?
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