Libra Block Explorer - Libratics

I built a Libratics. It’s one of block explorer for Libra testnet.
Link :


Cool, i’ll test it. :grin:

Ok, I’ve just test it with 10T, but the transaction not being logged, here’s only yesterday transaction :point_down:

Even, when I’m using 7Libra, also not being

Here’s I’m using other browser :point_down:

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Thank you for your notifications.
Let me check it.

Good design and fast working. Thank you!

We fixed it. We will open it tomorrow.

We updated libratics and fixed some bug now.


Excellent, it looks very nice, thank you!

I send Libra to b3a5493f988054966440aa7540d83d14ff2e6296a8a6a747d29019ec74d3b072 but Account Balance does not get updated.

|Version|Expiration Date|From  To|Transaction Name|Amount|
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
|424240|7/3/2019, 7:44:27 PM|eb381df8a5dd95af34d76c7bdabf7032f485da082a578916485a515d86c780ab  
b3a5493f988054966440aa7540d83d14ff2e6296a8a6a747d29019ec74d3b072|peer_to_peer_transaction|200 Libra|
|424181|7/3/2019, 7:41:33 PM|eb381df8a5dd95af34d76c7bdabf7032f485da082a578916485a515d86c780ab  
b3a5493f988054966440aa7540d83d14ff2e6296a8a6a747d29019ec74d3b072|peer_to_peer_transaction|100 Libra|

Is the project open source? If not, do you plan to open source it at some point?