Kulap team & libra wallet review - A libracamp grant program project

Shoutout to the Kulap team and Alon Shavit for the libra wallet & libra merchant solution review!

07:50 - Wallet Demo

11:05 - Libra merchant solution demo

13:15 - Code review

00:00 - Kulap team introduction

link to the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD3qSy_sZXE&feature=youtu.be

Link to the wallet: https://dev.kulap.io/libra/#/

For info about libracamp visit:



Winning team! Absolute pleasure to chat with Kulap!!!


Thank you Tomer. keep going :smiley:


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Nice to talk with you guys, We intend to build a production grade Libra Wallet that mass users can use on their smart phones, many tasks are on the way to get it done. Stay tune with us KULAP team.

Any suggestion about Libra Wallet please feel free to do so, and open issues on Github as well.

Lets rock!!


Wowwwww you guys are Rock!! :star_struck:

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Hello guys ! Congrats :slight_smile:
Is the merchant app compatible to recieve payments from another (not KULAP) wallet ?
If in roadmap, any timeline ?

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@lucas I think it should be great to support other wallets and Libra cli as well, so I think I’ll have time next week to make it done. If anyone would like to make PR please feel free to do so https://github.com/kulapio/libra-merchant/issues/12.

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Perfect !
ping me if needed help for Q&A testing :slight_smile:

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Hi @totiz

Pls let me know if there is anything i can contribute as well.
I think i may be able to localise it for Japanese market.


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