Is there any example of app already built on Libra?

Is there any example of app alreadybuilt on Libra ?


@LibraDev: You can think of the CLI as an app that let’s you interact with the Libra blockchain. Please see for details.


Thank you for your answer.

Do you have bitcoin JSON RPC API LIKE alternative to interact directly with Libra Blockchain ?

@LibraDev: You could use the gRPC API for Admission Control directly if you would like. Look here for the protobuf definitions that might be relevant. However, note that you will not be able to mint Libra coins for testnet through this interface.


Hi @abhay, do you mean that if someone builds an app or library that interactions with the low level libraries, they will not be permitted to mint coins via an external app? Are there any plans to expose an API to allow this?

Many thanks

You can curl "" with the appropriate amount and address to mint outside the CLI.

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I made an iOS wallet, to give idea to non-developers on how fast the transaction speed is :slight_smile:

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Any chance of sharing your source code?