Introducing the Move programming language

Move is a new programming language developed to provide a safe and flexible foundation for the Libra blockchain. Every transaction submitted to the Libra Blockchain updates the blockchain state by executing a transaction script written in Move bytecode. The key feature of Move is the ability to define custom resource types with semantics inspired by linear logic: a resource can never be copied, reused, or discarded, only moved between program storage locations. These safety guarantees are enforced statically by Move’s bytecode verifier. Please see our documentation, read the Getting Started with Move guide, and share your feedback.


The syntax is similar to Rust. Did designers inspire by the Rust syntax?

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Why not OCaml? Libra plus OCaml sound so good together. :slight_smile:

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing the Documentation Links Sam.
Move is definitely here to stay - its simplicity and security will be the game-changer.
Let’s hope the integrations will be made easier,especially when it comes to writing custom modules.

Exciting, would love to see a Lisp going fwd :slight_smile:

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very cool, I can not wait for this.

very cool. new language in my bucket list

There is no documents how to deploy the smart contract


again another language :confused: why we dont have one language like English universal


One of the biggest advantages of Ethereum & Bitcoin is immutability and scarcity.

It comes with trade offs and the world has been evolving with the programming mistakes as they appear.

Building a Turing complete machine takes a lot of responsibility and a lot of trial and error from the developer community.

The Move paper sounded like mentioning some of the previous issues as disadvantages of the EVM. Ex. DAO Hack and Parity Hack… AS IF the developers could plan everything in a deterministic way before launching Ethereum as Mainet.

I hope that MOVE Devs show some more of acknowledgement for the technology that has been build by the ETH community and for the global community instead of posting their mistakes as “problems of the Ethereum technology before Move came out”.



After Solidity time to learn and implement Move :slight_smile: Thanks

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Super cool! Loving it!

We have written our token on MOVE IR and documented our experience and work arounds we have found. We released our code and notes on github if it may be useful for anyone. Consider checking out and contribute :slight_smile:


Super cool language.
One question about it:
I have already compiled the .mvir file with the move IR compiler. with -o flag, I got a bytecode.
Does anybody know how to run it?
Any vm runtime needed? I cannot run it directly.


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Very good , we have more opportunities to send value to everyone, fast and easy.
Lets go…let´s to do Simple, Magic and Fun.

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I think definetly. Libra itself is written in Rust

I would also like to know this

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Our MOVE language and the entire LIBRA initiative will be a true blue paradigm shift and game changer for the way we see global digital currency and the advanced evolution of blockchain technology as well as the Internet Of Things! Best wishes for much lucrative Success! And Noble-Ameer Ali salutes Team Libra & The Entire Facebook Family!


Where can we learn the move language?

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What is learn code? One site to knowledge codes