How to path to my_module.mvir?

I am folowing this site to run Move programs locally.

However, I stick with this section.

libra% dev compile 0 <path to my_module.mvir> module

I don’t know how to pass to to my_module.mvir.

Could you give me any advise please?

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What site are you talking about ?
do you have any error ?

I forgot to paste the site.
I followed this site.

I didn’t get any error but I don’t how to path to my_module.mvir.

what is your os ? Linux , Mac OS or Windows ?

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I’m using Mac OS.

Now, I could compile the modules. Thank you!

Great !
What was the problem ?

I just didn’t know how to path to the file.
I could make a path to the file from the beginning directory. ($ cd / )

cool , the most important thing is , now it works . great !!

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