[explorer.moveonLibra.com]: Yet Another Opensource Libra Blockchain Explorer

Hello everyone,

It’s a pleasure to announce our Libra blockchain explorer “MOL LibraExplorer”.

A Realtime Libra Blockchain Explorer

There are several Libra explorers there already. For example, libexplorer.com and
Libraview.org both are pretty good. Why write another Libra Explorer?

Because all these explorers are not realtime. They pull data from Libra blockchian and save it to their own private database. When you access their explorer website, they search data from private database and return data to you.

On the other hand, MOL LibraExplorer fetch data from original Libra blockchain in realtime and return data to you. So, the data is more accurate and fresher. You can access the Libra testnet blockchain data by visiting following website:


It’s fast and accurate. You can also see the raw json data which provide more details.

Support Third-party Libra Network

“MOL LibraExplorer” can support any third-party Libra network as long as the host and port of those network is publicly accessible. The easiest way to browser a third-party libra network is prefix the host and port to “explorer.moveonlibra.com” with following syntax:


for example, There is a libra-swarm network started by run:

cargo run -p libra-swarm

and the host and port are “” and “33333” respectively. So you can brower the blockchain data on this network by open this url:

We will add more formal method to support third-party Libra network. Currently, you cann’t mint coin and commit transactions on these third-party Libra network explorer.

That’s what we’re doing right now. The source code is here: LibraExplorer Source

Any feedback is welcome.


It’s fascinating! thanks a lot

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I can’t visit explorer.moveonlibra.com , maybe the website is down?

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It seems the Libra testnet is down. Anyone has similar problem?

$ ./scripts/cli/start_cli_testnet.sh

Not able to connect to validator at ac.testnet.libra.org:8000, error RpcFailure(RpcStatus { status: RpcStatusCode(4
), details: Some(“Deadline Exceeded”) })

It seems that Libra testnet has just restarted.

The testnet server may be unstable again? :woozy_face: