Error executing custom script on local net

Hi. I’m a masters student in India and just playing around with Move. I am new to rust as well. I was able to set up a local node to compile, publish and execute custom scripts.
I am not able to compile custom scripts. This is the module file

module A {
    struct T{v: u64}

    public new(u: u64) : V#Self.T {
        return T{u: move(u)};

    public value(this: V#Self.T): u64 {
        let f: &u64;
        f = &(&mut this).v;
        return *move(f);

I was able to publish this under an account address (say 0x1). But I am not able to compile

import 0x1.A;

main(u: u64) {
    let x: V#A.T;
    let x_ref: u64;
    x =;
    x_ref = A.value(move(x));
    assert(copy(x_ref) == 5, 42);

I get the error can\'t find module 0x1.A in dependency list. I was not able to trace the code to what might be the problem. Can someone help me out?

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