Another testnet explorer

Hi Libra community, i have created another testnet explorer please check it out.
I would love to receive a feedback from you.
I started from the development of C# SDK and it turn into scanner, thats why SDK is not ready yet but the explorer is already published. :joy:


Hi @Rio900,

I just try your “view”, and this is my result

It’s different with my balance in my wallet,

And the balance can’t be minus as I know.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::coffee:

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ohhhh, thx i will fix

Thanks, nice to help. And as I look into your stats, it’s easier for me to read, especially you are giving a “out” note, so I know the Libra is minting also has a gas price stats, so it more detail. But the question is, are those transactions still don’t have any gas price?

In most cases gas price is zero but i have seen transactions where it is not a zero. Thets why i desided to show it

Can you give me an example?

Also thanks, my balance in your stats already fixed.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::coffee: :+1:

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Here they are:

I see that i have to show Max Gas Amount too in transaction list

Also Min Gas Amount, I think

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Nice work!

Spotted a typo:

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Thanks, already fixed :+1: