Announcing: Libro for iOS

Hello everyone:

We just built a working MVP wallet for iOS and are aiming to launch to all sometime in Q4 (during testnet). The coming soon page is linked above! Please drop your email on the site if you’d like to learn more and stay updated or maybe even beta test soon :slight_smile: ).

We will be adding some amazing features that we think people will love, the biggest one being full control over your private keys. We will touch none of your crypto data.

Thanks all!


Good initiative. I left my email on the site and I will look forward to your updates.

I also recommend having a web based alternative. Since I would be concerned if the iOS App is the only access I have to my wallet.

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Thanks Henry, we are planning to have a web alternative as well!


support web version also.
That way you can adress your app to more people and maintain just one code base. Let me know if you need help regarding instalability regarding progressive web apps

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Lucas, we are planning to! Don’t want to boil the ocean at first as our wallets will have some pretty advanced features above just a simple wallet. Being fully native on all 3 platforms allows us to deliver a much higher quality experience.

Stay tuned,


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Im really curious about what you consider that web platform does not give compared to native apps. Honest question.

A part from screen transitions/animations and crazy stuff like bluetooth i do not see what is missing.

best functional example :


I am curious to see how you will securely synchronize private keys across platforms.

For users, the usual logic applies to Libra: Not your key, not your coins…

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please ping us here when there is something to test ! Best regards

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Love this idea, maybe we can collaborate in the future~ :smiley:

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