Announcing libra-client: A CLI inteface Libra client and Python API for Libra blockchain

I think libra explorer is broken. Maybe it’s old cached data from previous testnet blockchain.

$ libra t lv
“latest_version”: 349

There’s only 349 transactions now. You can verify it by run “./scripts/cli/”

libra% q as f270b16e2fec7a10937d0c32eec34a9b2280a7ab8a64e75aa8c84e3583158349

Getting latest account state
Latest account state is:
Account: f270b16e2fec7a10937d0c32eec34a9b2280a7ab8a64e75aa8c84e3583158349
State: None
Blockchain Version: 349

Libra-client is updated to version 0.6.3 to support latest testnet update(10.30).


Hi Yuan,

I updated libra and now when I’m trying to run your libra client I’m getting the following error

q b b7c0e4396959473febf37fc22a763da9619d314d998cb2b35006c3916baf
“ERROR”: “Get the current balance of an account: Malformed proof. Bitmap not match non-default siblings”

Bitmap proof is no longer exsits in latest Libra. What’s your libra-client's version? You can check it by run:

$libra -V

You can update libra-client to version “0.6.7”.

BTW, address “b7c0e4396959473febf37fc22a763da9619d314d998cb2b35006c3916baf” is not a valid address, seems lack 4 chars.

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After doing an update of the client everything works fine thanks a lot !

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libra-client is updated to version ‘0.6.14’ to support the latest Testnet.

Major changes are:

  • Derive CryptoHasher in python. Many hash related address are changed.
  • Deprecate TransactionPayload::Program.
  • Support ChangeSet, Add events in WriteSet transaction
  • Add BlockMetadata Transaction
  • Add metadata payload to PaymentReceivedEvent
  • Add round for ledger_info
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Libra-client has a huge update. We split it into two projects: libra-core and libra-client.

libra-core has the core libra types with lcs/hash support and the proofs. So others can reuse the library to quickly implement their own libra clients.

libra-client has wallet library / key factory / client api, as well as command line tools.

The latest version is ‘0.7.2’ and major changes are:

  1. First client library to support validator change proof
  2. Support weighted voting of validators
  3. New DevCommand: add_validator, remove_validator, gen_waypoint
  4. Remove parameter validator_set_file on client init
  5. Support metadata in p2p transfer command
  6. Update Compiled move bytecode format
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thanks for share! :+1: