A $10 smartphone powered by Libra

Hi. I created a website to try to propose the idea of the Libra Association developing a $10 smartphone that would be powered by Libra.


What do you think of the idea? Moderators, can you help this reach Mark Zuckerberg and the Libra team?


Hey Ed! I think that your project is an important progress for the general principles that Libra raises as their main objectives. I really like your vision and the way that you understood and interpreted these global neccessity.
Please, if I could help you in some way, feel free to contact me :grinning: .

Regards, Mischell Pérez L.

Thanks Missi.

I think the only way we can execute this is with Libra Association´s help. Do you have any idea on how we could get their attention?

Hey Ed, maybe you could try with this questionary about how to become a Libra’s partner:

And I think that you could try by social media too.

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Wowww, I like the idea of having a cheap mobile (or device) that can work with crypto wallet. There must be some idea that the device (or owner) can do to help on decentralize process to make value. (Even it’s cheap or free)